Transformation Coaching

Transformation Coaching: Butterfly sketch

Maximise your impact with Transformation Coaching, and think on purpose.

NLP-based coaching enables you to change the way you see yourself. Create better habits, build a positive self-image, hold better attitudes, and break through limiting beliefs. You can put your past to rest and transform into the amazing individual you were always meant to be.

This might involve changing your self-image, your perceptions or your self-imposed limitations. I’m especially interested in working with you when you are seeking to make a social impact with your work, and I have no limitations on who I work with, provided your commitment to the process matches mine. 

A coaching session takes the form of a powerful conversation of up two hours, as part of a programme of five sessions (extendable by agreement).

I’ll ask questions and teach you appropriate NLP and hypnosis techniques – all carefully designed to move you towards the goals and outcomes you want to achieve. The starting point of my coaching is the personal transformation process, as taught to a select few by the originator, Dr. Richard Bandler. My mastery of this process is recognised in my Society of NLP accreditation as an Advanced NLP Therapeutic Specialist.

The first session is FREE – and is a genuine coaching conversation. Then it’s up to you to say “Hell Yes” when you want more; or “Hell No” if your informed decision is that this is not for you … yet.

Conversations take place online, usually via Zoom. To book your first and free conversation, please use the booking form below.

See the online booking page for Art of NLP.

Not yet ready for coaching? You may be interested in personal development through online learning, hypnotic audio – or perhaps your solution can be found with hypnotherapy. Not sure? Then contact me today.