When you have a specific issue you need to resolve quickly, change with hypnosis can be the solution.

Over the years, I’ve successfully worked with clients wanting greater confidence or motivation, to move past a phobia, or to get in the right state to own the stage when speaking in public. 

Or perhaps your issue is an addiction (one that you really need to be rid of – therapeutic hypnosis is not magic, so you’ll never be able to do something you don’t want to do, and that includes getting changes you don’t want to get).

Perhaps you’re anxious or depressed. a little hypnosis can help. While this isn’t a medical intervention – and you should always see a medical practitioner first – hypnosis can help you change for the better. 

Usually, you’ll need an initial session and a follow-up visit. Further sessions can then be booked if it seems they will be advantageous. Hypnosis is most effective when we can be in the room together so I can calibrate your breathing and other subtle physical changes.

To make an initial enquiry, please call me (details on the Contact page) and use the form below to confirm your booking.