When you have a specific issue – including but not limited to stress, anxiety, fears and phobias – you need to resolve quickly, change with hypnotherapy can be the solution.

Over the years, I’ve successfully worked with clients wanting greater confidence or motivation, to move past a phobia, or to get in the right state to own the stage when speaking in public. 

Perhaps you’re depressed. Hypnosis can help. While this isn’t a medical intervention or a cure – and you should always see a medical practitioner first – hypnosis can help you change for the better.

Hypnotherapy by Ian Sharp at The Art of NLP

I enjoy helping people past their obstacles in all areas of their life online. My study and practice of NLP and hypnosis has developed my linguistic and sensory abilities.  My expertise includes designing bespoke interventions tailored to achieve the desired outcomes for my clients.

Online hypnotherapy is ideal for those not able to travel. I have international availability – the only limitation is language (all sessions are conducted in English). Now you can fit personal development and growth around your busy work/life schedule.

Usually, you’ll need an initial session and a follow-up. Further sessions can then be booked as necessary.

To make an initial enquiry, please be in touch via the Contact page, and use the form below to confirm your booking.

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Not yet ready for hypnotherapy? You may be interested in personal development through online learning, hypnotic audio – or perhaps your solution can be found with Transformation Coaching. Not sure? Then contact me today.