Mindfulness and the police

Great to read that police training in the UK is embracing mindfulness, aiming to beat burnout, with the ‘Mindfit Cop’ programme. Altered states such as mindfulness, meditation and hypnosis are reaching even the most macho corners of the mainstream. The benefits of slow breathing reacting to stress in a consciously aware way are no longer in dispute. Of course, it will be interesting to track the long-term impact of Mindfit Cop, and I’ll be surprised if the evaluation shows anything other positive results – for the individuals, and then for the police service as a whole. As the impact of […] Read More

The Art of NLP and your future wellbeing

I’m busy creating a new Art of NLP – one that will enable you to access the changes you desire and require weather you are working one-to-one with Ian Sharp, or as part of a workshop or training group. Stay tuned, Ian