Ian Sharp and the Art of NLP

Personal development and transformation are about the words we use.

Those words might be heard in the form of internal dialogue, or as external language to be heard and vocalised. Words influence us, for better or worse.

What we don’t always realise we is that we can change those words – and so change the way we think, feel and behave.

About Neuro-Linguistic Programming.


Because the world we create for ourselves happens in our mind; our neurology. (We get to decide how we react to external events, even when we have no influence over those events).


The words and the language we use. In NLP we use two models of language; one is about being very precise and specific, the other about being purposefully vague.


The most controversial word of the three. To the extent NLP is about ‘programming’, it’s about learning how to change your mind so that you are thinking on purpose. That’s all. Some people prefer to use the term ‘neuro-linguistics’ because the essence of change with NLP lies in those two words.

You don’t have to learn the technicalities of NLP to be able to change with NLP. That’s why my focus is on coaching, hypnosis and applications for NLP taught online; learning to use certain NLP tools and techniques for a specific result rather than being concerned with how NLP works.

(When you do want to learn how NLP works I recommend going to the source and training with Dr. Richard Bandler via NLP Life Training.)

About Ian Sharp

A Society of NLP Licensed Trainer of NLP, Master Practitioner, Advanced Therapeutic Specialist and Neuro-Hypnotic Repatterner. I trained with Dr. Bandler, Paul McKenna, John LaValle, Michael Neill and other experts in personal development in 2005-06, and have been refreshing and honing my skills ever since.

I discovered the benefits of NLP and hypnosis when, in 2000, my career in further and higher education was leaving me stressed, anxious and unable to continue. It was NLP and hypnotherapy that enabled me to reignite my passion for personal change with education.

I have an MA in Education (Open University) and am a qualified lecturer in lifelong learning (PGCEA – University of Surrey).

The online learning courses I write and present, the transformational coaching and hypnotherapy I practice online and face-to-face, and the other change products and services I develop, can be trusted to bring about outstanding results – provided you remember you need to be committed too.

I live in Milton Keynes, England, with my partner Jane and two border collies.

Ian Sharp
Ian Sharp, MA in Ed, PGCEA, Licensed Trainer of NLP