Mind Coaching, NLP Training and Hypnotherapy

The modern world induces stress. Targets, deadlines, incessant email and social media, the need to be busy and rushing from one task to the next continually.

No wonder there’s an epidemic of stress, anxiety, depression, and lack of sleep! 

Yet it is possible to live modern life with a more relaxed, positive and purposeful attitude. 

Restore your feelings of wellbeing and develop your attitude to life with Ian Sharp’s Art of NLP.

Ian Sharp: Licensed Trainer of NLP

Ian Sharp, Licensed Trainer of NLP


... in attitude, in having a full-time commitment to your wellbeing, and in continually developing my skills and learning.

Accredited and qualified

... accredited by the Society of NLP as a Trainer, Advanced Therapeutic Specialist, Master Practitioner and Neuro-Hypnotic Repatterner. In addition, I hold an MA in Education and am a qualified lecturer and life coach.

Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and NLP Training


Resolve stress, anxiety or other thoughts and feelings while in a relaxing trance.

Hypnotic Audio

20 minute trance sessions designed for deep change in your mindset.

Mind Coaching

Release the real you with a three-month Mind Coaching programme.

NLP Training

Experience and learn NLP from the co-creator, Dr. Richard Bandler.

The three-month Mind Coaching Programme

What would you be thinking if fear of failure, anxiety, and other thoughts and feelings didn’t keep getting in your way?

This is an intensive coaching and therapeutic NLP programme with Ian Sharp, Advanced NLP Therapeutic Specialist. 

Dr. Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP

"Ian Sharp shows competence and desire to keep current in the field of NLP and beyond. He should be proud as well as more prepared to teach others the road to freedom and personal success."

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